How to activate SMS Top Up product?
You may apply at any branch of Banka Ekonomike for SMS-Top Up, and within only a few minutes, your services will be activated for use.
SMS Top Up Is an electronic service that allows you to refill your mobile phone number (IPKO or VALA), to send refills to others and pay for all other services (internet, duotv, duofix and TV) of IPKO through your account in Banka Ekonomike, only by sending an SMS
How does SMS Top Up work?
  • Refilling your mobile phone (Ipko or Vala) 
  • only types the amount of money and send the SMS to the number 50005

  • Example: 10

  • The message will appear in this form: 10

  • Refilling the mobile phone of a family member or friend:

  • First type the mobile phone number of your friend, followed by a space, and the amount of money you want to refill, and then send this SMS to the number 50005.

  • For example: Phone number SPACE the amount

  • the message for IPKO operator shall look like this: 049123456 5, while for Vala operator like the following:  044123456 5

  • Refill your landline phone of operator Ipko:

  • Type the word fix, followed by a space, phone number, space and the amount of money and send this SMS to the number 50005

  • E.g. : fix space phone number space the amount

  • The message shall look like this: fix 038712345 20
SMS Internet Refill
For Ipko operator: First type the word int, space, username, then send the SMS to 50005. E.g.: int username
SMS TV service refill
For IpkoTV operator

Type the word TV, followed by space, then the username and send this SMS to the number 50005.
E.g.: tv username DUOTV
Type the word duotv, followed by space, username and send this SMS to the number 50005.
E.g.: duotv username DUOFIX
Type the word duofix, followed by space,  username and send this SMS to the number 50005.
E.g. : duofix username
Refill limits
The minimum refill limit for mobile and fixed telephony is 1 EUR. You can refill your phone number starting from 1 Eur and more. You can refill your IPKO phone number only with fixed amounts such as: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ...20, 30... I.e. decimal amounts are not allowed by SMS. While the amounts which the operator Vala allows, are: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 40 Eur.