Loans for micro-business
Your business is running smoothly but you need additional investments? You have new ideas for expanding your existing business?
Banka Ekonomike offers new attractive possibilities for financing your business activities by offering lower interest rates and a maximum period of maturity!
Business instalment loan is offered to businesses that need financing for investment, financing for working capital needs, financing for purchasing equipment and other assets. Instalment loans can be provided as short term or long term. Usually, instalments are equal amounts throughout the term of the loan. For businesses affected by seasonality, for agricultural activities as well as businesses in need of financing the projects that yield a return at the completion of the project we offer irregular instalment loans or grace period.
Minimum loan amount:
 € 1,000
Working capital and representative working capital 
Fixed assets
Home improvement& renovation loans, construction or purchase of real estate (business premises, land)
As an individual client you may apply for all products which are listed in “Services for individual clients”
Assets for working capital, up to 36 months
Fixed assets, up to 84 months 
Renovation of residential, business premises, real estate purchases, up to 120 months 
Payment plan:
Regular or irregular
Grace period:
Up to 12 months for businesses 
Up to 18 months for agro-businesses and individual farmers
No guarantor required for amounts exceeding € 20,000 and up to € 50,000
Only 50% of the loan amount for amounts of up to € 10,000
Also for amounts exceeding € 50,000 no mortgage required