Recruitment Process
15.10.2015 | 04:27
Banka Ekonomike offers equal employment opportunities for all interested persons motivated for successful work and able to take self-initiatives. Banka Ekonomike encourages everyone to apply and become part of the vision of Banka Ekonomike.
Banka Ekonomike invests in current employees in terms of their promotion and career orientation by offering a challenging and creative work environment. This makes our employees confident and motivates them to undertake new tasks and responsibilities.
Banka Ekonomike operates with a system of online recruitment, which allows you to apply online for job vacancies on the basis of knowledge, experience and skills required for the advertised position.
Applications will only be accepted through online system.
Therefore, please use this system to apply because the bank will not accept applications sent in hard copy.
If you consider applying for the advertised positions, please visit the link on the left.