Borrowing is another very flexible credit product that we provide for your business seasonal activities for the purpose of financing specific projects which are expected to generate a larger influx of revenue in a given period.
Payment plan for the borrowings may be in the form of an agreement for payment of interest only until maturity when the principal is paid or payment with one instalment of the principal only and interest at the time of maturity
Minimal amount of borrowing:
- From €1,000
- Working capital and fixed assets
- 12 months for Micro businesses 
- 18 months for agro-businesses with pronounced seasonality 
Payment schedule:
- Payment of interest only until maturity, when principal is paid 
- At maturity, the principal along with interest, if there is interest unpaid
- For amounts up to €20,0000  no guarantors required
- No mortgage required for amounts > €50,000