International transfers

International transfers enable you the execution of international payments to your partners, who do not have bank accounts in Kosovo.


Banka Ekonomike as a member of the SWIFT network with the code of the Republic of Kosovo, offers you fast services at competitive prices for incoming and outgoing international transfers.


Banka Ekonomike’s SWIFT code is EKOMXKPRXXX


For each international payment that you make or receive, IBAN corresponding to your basic account will be used, but adding the code of the Republic of Kosovo XK05, which is standard for all banks in Kosovo.


a)  Transfers abroad


You may carry out international transfers from each branch or sub-branch of the Banka Ekonomike as well as through E-banking.

If you want to carry out transfers abroad, you need to have the following information:


Name and address of the beneficiary

Name and SWIFT code of the beneficiary’s bank

Accurate number of beneficiary’s account or IBAN for countries that have it implemented

Description of payment


b) International transfers from abroad: