Loans for small and medium enterprises

Banka Ekonomike offers highly flexible and suitable credit products for Small and Medium Enterprises in order for them to increase economic activities and for sustainable development of their business which also affects the country's economic development.


Flexibility of credit products intended for small and medium enterprises is expressed in various maturities, regular or irregular instalments and grace periods which are based mainly on the business financial capacity and the specifics of the investment plan. Short-term loans will be approved mainly for financing of working capital and representative working capital. As for the loans for fixed assets, renovation, construction or purchase of real estate (business premises, land, residential buildings) the maturity date may be long-term.


Owners of small and medium enterprises may apply for all credit products for individuals described in the individual customer services.


Minimum loan amount:


- From € 100,001




- Working capital and representative working capital,

- Fixed assets

- Loans for renovation, construction or purchase of real estate (business premises, land)

- Mixed

- As an individual client you may apply for all products which are listed in the section " Services for individual customers”




- Assets for working capital up to 36 months

- Fixed assets up to 84 months,

- Renovation of residential, business premises, real estate purchases up to 120 months


Grace period:


- Up to 12 months for businesses 

- Up to 18 months for agro-businesses


Payment plan:


- Regular or irregular




- No guarantor required.