E-Banking security
One-time password (OTP)
One-time password or OTP is a unique password valid only for short time periods, which is used as additional security measure for online banking services.
This password is sent to your phone via message (SMS) and is valid for one use only.
You will receive an OTP, every time you want to access your e-banking account.
Safe Connection
Our Internet service is in accordance with international safety standards and is established with the most recent encryption specifications. This means that a safe connection is established every time you access our online services and your information given, can be accessed only by our banking system. No third party has access to these data.
Security Tips
In order to use e-banking services, it is recommended to choose a password containing a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, with approximately 8 characters which is hard to guess or crack or be generated by malicious persons. Never give your access information (password or pin) to anyone, not even to the Bank employees.  Never allow your browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) to save your password.
Keep your e-banking information safe, and never keep it in the same place with the Card or never write them down on paper. Make sure that you are accessing our website and not some other site and check the link in browser and the digital certificate on the top right corner in your browser.
Do not open the website via emails or other link that directs you to our website, but to be safer, always go directly to our website www.bekonomike.com and there click to access the e-banking.
Never install in the computer or phone any programs or programs under the name of Banka Ekonomike; our bank in no case requests this from you. These types of requests come from malicious persons aiming to steal your personal information. Do not install unsafe programs in your computer. Install an antivirus and update it regularly. Update your browser. Regularly check your account activity with E-Banking, and if you notice anything unusual or suspicious, immediately contact our bank at this phone number 038 500 500.