Term Deposit
Through term deposits you get transparency, security, profitability and flexibility in your savings plans. Term deposit is your saving and investment at the highest interest rates in the category of savings where you will also benefit: 
Flexible maturity periods from 1 to 60 months
There is no commission fee for opening or maintaining the account
Automatic contract renewal 
Security of your assets
Banka Ekonomike also offers numerous opportunities of term deposits (locking away your funds for a set time) as:
Automatic term deposit with two different options:
     • Reinvesting of capital for another term + interest  
     • Term deposit of capital only, while interest is transferred to the current account
Interest earned in an automatic mode can be transferred to other accounts in Banka Ekonomike such as:
Savings account, current account etc.
Cover loan
Besides the term deposits, you can get loans at very affordable interest rates (deposit cover loans). Use as a loan cover during the active period of the deposit.