Visa Card
VISA Classic and VISA Gold are credit cards which give you access to your account, where your credit limit is approved. 
 If you need extra money in your account then credit cards are the right choice for you. VISA Classic, VISA Gold cards are also intended for purchase at any POS in Kosovo and millions of points of sale all over the world, in shops, supermarkets, restaurants, travel agencies, gas stations and anywhere where VISA logo is displayed. 
You can withdraw at any ATM of Banka Ekonomike or at any other ATM where VISA logo is displayed, in Kosovo and worldwide. With Visa credit card you can also make online purchases of goods or services. 
Advantages and benefits:
  • Use at points of sale and ATMs worldwide. Access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Purchase of goods/services at points of sale of Banka Ekonomike on interest-free instalments. BONUS points up to 1% at merchants who are part of the bonus program. Purchasing goods and services online. The use of credit limit in accordance with your needs,  a period of 45 days to pay the debt. Minimum monthly payment 10% of total liability for that month. Minimum payment 10% of monthly liability. Cash withdrawals up to 50% of credit card limit. Easy management of the card through e-banking.
Instructions for using the cards
Insert your card into the ATM and then select the desired language (Albanian or English) After selecting your preferred language, enter the card code (PIN) .Upon entering your PIN, select the option for action you desire to perform (withdraw cash, balance sheet, etc.). The ATM always displays the desired selection, so just follow the screen instructions.
Instructions for using the cards at points of sale
To make a purchase at a POS you (you or the seller) should simply insert the card in the terminal. Then, you should enter card code (PIN). After you insert the card on POS, the transaction is successful, and then the seller must give you a bill for signing which remains to the merchant and a second bill which you should keep.
Instructions for using cards online
To make online purchases firstly you must select the type of card. Then you should enter the card number, the cardholder name, and expiration date of the card. And finally you should enter the three digit CVC code (for MasterCard cards) or CVV2 (for Visa cards), which is found on the back of the card. (PIN code should never be entered for online purchasing. PIN code is used only for purchases at points of sale and for ATM withdrawals). To obtain these cards you must have an account with Banka Ekonomike.