Western Union service can be found at Commerce Bank counters.
In May 2002, Financial Union Prishtina has reached a cooperation agreement with Banka Ekonomike to provide Western Union services.
Western Union Financial Services Inc, is a worldwide leader in money transfer services.
By using Western Union service you will benefit:
The transfer is protected by a high security system of international standards.
FAST service:
You may send the money and within only a few minutes the money is ready to be withdrawn.
The money will be sent only to the person designated by you. Also ®, will ensure that the transfer is valid to be paid or else will be returned back to the sender.
You don’t need a bank account, check or deposit. You can use the phone or the internet. The wide network of  agencies are located near you and very easy to find.
For more information about WU services, contact Financial Union Prishtina on 038 549 840 or 044/049 110 840, www.ufp-ks.com and Banka Ekonomike at 038 500 500