Shpend Luzha
Shpend Luzha Chief Executive Officer Mr. Luzha joined Banka Ekonomike in May of 2015 as a member of the Board of Directors. Since 2015 he has served also as a chairman of the Board and various Board level committes. Starting from April 2021, Mr. Luzha was pointed as CEO of Banka Ekonomike. Previously he worked for almost seven years for Raiffeisen Kosovo, where lastly he served as Managing Director of Raiffeisen Leasing and Raiffeisen Insurance Broker Kosovo. At the beginning of his career, based in New York, Mr. Luzha spent nearly four years in the securities lending business including Merill Lynch (now part of Bank of America) and Deutsche Bank. Mr. Luzha holds a degree in BBA from Baruch College, part of CUNY, with focus in Finance and Investments.
Hamide Pacolli Gashi
Hamide Pacolli Gashi Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Mrs. Pacolli Gashi was appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Banka Ekonomike in April 2012. Ms. Pacolli Gashi has a rich career of over 12 years in the financial industry. She worked in the insurance company "SIGURIA" from 2003 to 2007 in various positions ranging from Assistant of the Head of Finance to the Chair of the Accounting Department. She was a member of the Committee of payments in Kosovo Banking Association for 5 years, and she continues to be a member of the Kosovo SWIFT Group.
She enriched her academic skills and professional education in CIA-Instituto Interlingue e di Commercio in Switzerland and received her degree at the University of Pristina, Faculty of Economics, in Bank and Finance. She also participated in trainings in the field of accounting, in insurance companies in Malta Training Centre, and also attended courses in the field of cash management in RZB Vienna.
She was certified by MasterCard Europe, Waterloo, Belgium - May 2010 and then Visa First, London, UK - June 2010 on operational issues and the characteristics of international cards MasterCard and Visa Card. She also attended numerous trainings in Kosovo Banking Association. Mrs. Pacolli Gashi joined Banka Ekonomike in March 2007, initially as Head of Internal Audit Department, then moving to the position of Director of Operations.
Arijan Haxhibeqiri
Arijan Haxhibeqiri Deputy Chief Executive Officer Mr. Haxhibeqiri has a long career of over 16 years in Kosovo’s banking industry, which allowed him to develop leadership skills, given that he has held senior managerial positions.
Initially, Mr. Haxhibeqiri was employed in the French Diplomatic Mission, and later on with OSCE, thus contributing to assessment of security conditions and infrastructure for the establishment of the new OSCE mission.
Subsequently, he held several managerial positions in ProCredit Bank, such as: Regional Chairman of Corporation, Regional Manager in Gjilan and Head of Portfolio Quality Department, where he achieved good results that reflected in his career development.
Mr. Haxhibeqiri graduated in Economy-University of Prishtina, and is currently attending Master studies in the University of Prishtina. He completed the 1-year program in the ProCredit Bank Regional Academy in Veles of Macedonia, and 3 year program in the ProCredit Bank academy in Frankfurt of Germany (Manager/Leader program). Furthermore, Mr. Haxhibeqiri attended numerous seminars and professional international courses that certainly helped shape him professionally.